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About Us

There are many different mortgage choices available in the market with numerous banks, credit unions and private credit providers, that’s why you need a mortgage broker. We sort through all the options available with banks and other lenders such as credit unions, private lenders and get the most suitable products, keeping in mind your individual requirements. We have a large panel of lenders and access to numerous loan products, giving you the opportunity to find a loan that suits you. We are accredited Mortgage Brokers.We are also FBAA and Credit & Investment Ombudsman members. Best of all, Our Mortgage broker services are no cost to you*, so come and talk to us.

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first home loan
Home Loan

First Home, Investment, Refinance, land and construction and debt consolidation.

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low doc loans
Alt/Low Doc Loans

We specialise in Alt/Low doc Loans for residential purposes..

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SMSF loan
Speciality Loan

Speciality home Loan allows you to borrow funds for the purchase of home

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Why choose us as a Mortgage Broker

  • We as Mortgage brokers are experienced professionals within the finance and banking industry and we seek to use our knowledge and experience and know how in the vast industry to help you get the best deal possible and most importantly our services are no cost to you !
  • We also do all the legwork and hard work for you comparing all the available loan products from different lenders and sorting through the details to find best loan product. We can advise you of the best product from various lenders as we are not aligned with any one bank.
  • We complete all the relevant paperwork and we submit the deal to your chosen lender and follow up on your behalf until your finance is approved.
  • We can advise you of the best product from various lenders as we are not aligned with any one bank.
  • We have access to hundreds of loans from different lenders and we select the best options available to help guide you to the best possible loan.
  • As we are not bank employees our loyalties are towards our customers and not with the banks.
  • We can even sometimes get our customers discounted rates, which are not available to the general public.


Dinesh has been our mortgage broker over the past 2 years. During this time...

We have known Dinesh for around 3 years now; he has helped us in refinancing our home loan...

I was struggling to make ends meet due to numerous debts I had accumulated over a long period of time...

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Us Vs the Banks

  • We work 8am to 9pm, 7 days a week
  • We can meet you at your home
  • We have access to hundreds of different loans with various banks and other lenders
  • Our commitments are with the customer as we are not bank employees
  • We guide the customer beyond settlement, building a lifelong relationship
  • Bank working hours are 9am to 4pm, 5 days a week
  • To meet bank employee, applicant has to visit bank branch  
  • Banks can only choose from their own bank loan products
  • The commitments of bank employees are to their own bank
  • Banks employees end the relationship before settlement

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